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Bob Waters owner of Waters Basement Services, Inc. with one of his trucks and trailer.

Is there Mold, Mildew, or Water in Your Basement?  

Is your basement damp, wet, cracked, stained, chalky, leaky, or flaky?

Does your home have a crawl space or stone foundation?

Waters Basement Services waterproofing and encapsulation system provide a real solution to eliminate damp, wet, musty basements.

“We can transform your basement into a bright, clean, dry, healthy, comfortable living space.  Waters Basement Services can make your basement as warm and comfortable as any room in your home!”

Wet or damp environments are unhealthy, destructive, and are common problems in all types of basements:

Block Foundation
Poured Concrete Foundation
Stone Foundation

Waters Basement Services has built its reputation on developing long-lasting relationships; putting customer service at the forefront of our business.


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Garrett helping Papa unload the trailer

Garrett unloading pipe from the trailer 1Garrett helping Papa dump the trailer 1Garrett with Papa unloading the trailer 1











Our grandsons love helping out Papa (Bob Waters) with Waters Basement Services.  Garrett is helping his Papa unload the trailer and from the photos you can see he is having a great time.  I do believe he will be a basement specialist and the next generation owner of Waters Basement Services, Inc.

Buffalo Spree 10th Annual Best of WNY 2015 Party at Shea’s Performing Arts Center

Buffalo Spree 10th Annual Best of WNY 2015 Party at Shea’s Performing Arts Center was on June 25th. Waters Basement Services Inc. donated a Basement Wall Crack Repair for the silent auction to benefit Carly’s Club.  The winner Kaylyn Perez contacted Waters Basement Services, last week and we repaired her wall crack.  Thank you Miss Perez for bidding on our donation for such a worthy cause that benefits so many children.

Benefit Carly's Club

Austin Unloading Trailer

Austin with the trailer 2


Our grandson Austin helping Papa (Bob Waters) by running the trailer to dump the day’s debris from a basement job. Really thing he is going to be the next generation owner of Waters Basement Services, business. Just love this little boy….

Does Investing in My Basement Increase the Value of My Home?

Remodeling your basement is the best way to increase your existing living space with an investment that will significantly pay back for itself over a relatively short period of time. Among the best home improvements when considering both adding value and increasing living space is to perform a basement finishing project.

Your basement is more than just a space for you to store stuff; it’s also your foundation. Often basement waterproofing problems go hand in hand with foundation problems. By waterproofing your basement, you can often avoid costly structural problems. In addition to keeping your home structurally sound you’ll protect your family’s health and even end up saving money on a properly waterproofed basement. Expand your home’s square footage by using your basement for more than just storage. Whether your basement space is a full, half, or walkout, you can transform the area to a usable, dry, comfortable living space. Once your basement is waterproofed, basement finishing is the most effective way to add living space to your home. Many homes can double in square footage simply by finishing the basement for a small fraction of the cost of putting on a home addition. Even if you don’t have specific plans to finish your basement, waterproofing will increase living and home value.

Think about how you would like to space to function. Basements are ideal for casual, social activities for the whole family, or just for the children. Building codes require that basements bedrooms have an emergency exit that leads directly outside, either through a Basement Entrance (Bilco Door) or Egress Window. Adding a basement egress window will result in natural light and an emergency exit.

Waters Basement Services Incorporated will help you find the best solution for your basement. We will work with you every step of the way to make sure that you feel comfortable with your home’s basement waterproofing solution – from inspection and planning to installation and project completion.

Before Drain Tile and Wall Panels with with Washer & Dryer 2

Before waterproofing panels and drain system.

After Wall Panels and Drain Tile with Washer & Dryer 2

Basement after waterproofing panels and drain system.

After Drain Tile and Panels 20

Basement after waterproofing panels and drain system.

Inside Basement Before Egress Window 1

Inside basement before installation of Egress Window.


Outside of Basement Before Egress Window 1

Outside basement before installation of Egress Window.

Inside Basement After Egress Window 1

Inside basement after installation of Egress Window

Outside of Basement After Egress Window 1

Outside basement after installation of Egress Window